In-Home Services General Information

In-Home Services (IHS) include:

  • Personal Care – assistance with activities of daily living;
  • Homemaker – general household activities to assist with housekeeping activities;
  • Chore – short-term, intermittent tasks necessary to maintain a clean, sanitary and safe home environment;
  • Advanced Personal Care – maintenance services to assist with activities of daily living when such assistance requires devices or procedures related to altered body functions;
  • Authorized Nurse Visits – maintenance or preventative services provided by a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse under supervision of RN (must be authorized in conjunction with another service)
  • Respite – provides temporary relief for the caregiver of a dependent adult;
    • Basic – provided to participants with non-skilled needs;
    • Advanced – provided to participants with special care needs requiring a higher level of oversight
    • Nurse – provided to participants with skilled nursing needs.

If Advanced Personal Care, Advanced Respite or Nurse Respite services will be offered by the provider, Authorized Nurse Visits must also be provided. However, Authorized Nurse Visits may be provided without providing Advanced Personal Care, Advanced Respite or Nurse Respite.

Funding Sources

Services are authorized by DHSS/DSDS or its designee and are reimbursed using two major funding sources:

  1. Medicaid (Title XIX of the Social Security Act) through the MO HealthNet Division (MHD)
  2. Social Services Block Grant or General Revenue through the DSDS.

Statutory and Regulatory Requirements 
As the applying provider, it is your responsibility to ensure your company’s operating policies and procedures are compliant with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. In-Home Services’ (IHS) minimum requirements are located in the following state laws, regulations, Provider Manuals and Provider Memos: