Provider Enrollment

The Provider Enrollment Section is responsible for screening and enrolling all Missouri Medicaid Providers. The Provider Enrollment staff is mandated with auditing and screening provider application to ensure they meet Federal and State mandates before they can be authorized to be a Missouri Medicaid Provider.

Applications are processed in date order as received by the Provider Enrollment Section. It is important that the provider submit all the required documents the first time so the applciation can be processed timely. Providers who submit internet applications must ensure they sign and fax their confirmation page along with any additional required documents to the number indicated on the confirmation page. If the provider does not do this Provider Enrollment will not be aware of the pending application and your application will not be processed. If you did not submit all the required documentation Provider Enrolment will contact you. So if you submitted your application online do not submit another one, contact Provider Enrollment for guidance how to proceed.