Fingerprint Based Criminal History Checks

State and federal regulations, 13 CSR 65-2 and 42 CFR 424.518(c)(2)(ii)(b), require providers who are designated by the Centers for Medicare or Medicaid (CMS) to be at the high risk screening level to submit two sets of fingerprints for a national background check from all individuals who maintain a five (5) percent or greater direct or indirect ownership interest in the provider or supplier (as defined in 13 CSR 65-2).  The fingerprints will be used to conduct criminal history record checks with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).

Any owners who submitted fingerprints to Medicare or another state Medicaid agency in the last two years will not have to submit fingerprints for their Missouri Medicaid application.

MMAC has established procedures with MSHP for the new or revalidating providers who need the fingerprint based criminal history record checks to register with the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS) and to obtain their fingerprints through the state’s electronic fingerprint vendor (IDEMIA).  Once obtained, the two sets of fingerprints will be submitted to the FBI and MSHP along with a form that MMAC will provide. MSHP will provide MMAC with the results of the FBI and MSHP criminal history checks.  Authorized PEU staff will review the criminal history records to verify the providers/owners/managers are eligible to enroll with MO HealthNet.

Any questions regarding Fingerprint Based Criminal History Checks can be submitted to