Individualized Supported Living (ISL) Variance Reports

To simplify the reporting process, MMAC and the Division of Developmental Disabilities revisited the ISL Variance and the Shared Living Relief hours reporting requirement.  Effective immediately, Division of Developmental Disabilities ISL and Shared Living Providers shall no longer report quarterly variances in direct support or relief staff hours to the Division.  Contracted providers shall follow the self-disclosure process in place through MMAC, until a less burdensome process is identified.

Reporting of reduction in services is necessary to ensure only those services provided to the individual are funded through the Medicaid Waiver.  MMAC encourages providers and entities to establish and implement compliance integrity plans.  MMAC also encourages providers and entities to self-disclose or report those findings.

Providers and entities shall use the DD Waiver Variance Worksheet to report service reductions.    If you have any questions regarding this process, you may contact Darla Weekley, MMAC Provider Review Supervisor, at 573-751-3399.

The following is an overview of the process:

  • Providers evaluate service provision utilizing internal systems no less than annually in conjunction with each individuals plan year.
  • Providers submit the DD Waiver Variance Calculation Worksheet indicating the amount due.
  • MMAC will make the recoupment.  (This means the provider should not send payments or adjust any claims as this may duplicate recoupments.)
  • MMAC will follow up with a letter to notify the provider when the recoupment has been completed.